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PT Spec I - Orthopedic/Neurological- Day Shift-Per Diem- SD County

Job ID JR138538 Date Posted 12/04/2023
Santee, California
  • SRS Santee
  • Day
  • Per Diem
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Shift Start Time:


Shift End Time:


Additional Shift Information:

Between 7am and 7 pm, Float throughtout San Diego County

Weekend Requirements:

As Needed

On-Call Required:


Hourly Pay Range (Minimum - Midpoint - Maximum):

$46.755 - $60.329 - $73.903

The stated pay scale reflects the range that Sharp reasonably expects to pay for this position.  The actual pay rate and pay grade for this position will be dependent on a variety of factors, including an applicant’s years of experience, unique skills and abilities, education, alignment with similar internal candidates, marketplace factors, other requirements for the position, and employer business practices.

What You Will Do
Performs physical therapy evaluations of patients with various physical disabilities, conditions, injuries, etc. Designs and implements efficient and effective treatment plans. Develops and implements programs in support of the PT clinic's pursuit to provide the Sharp Experience with a commitment to zero defects and zero harm.

Required Qualifications

  • Position will float to various locations in San Diego County: North, South, East County
  • Graduate of an approved and accredited professional Physical Therapy school or program.
  • California Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) - CA Physical Therapy Board -REQUIRED
  • AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professional (AHA BLS Healthcare) - American Heart Association -REQUIRED

Preferred Qualifications

  • 1 Year Experience in all aspects of this discipline.

Essential Functions

  • Collaboration and teamwork
    Demonstrates courteous, professional behavior and communication with all medical providers, and co-workers. Demonstrates a commitment to serving other employees above self through teamwork collaboration, developing others and supporting SHC values. Promotes constructive working relationships. Works effectively as a part of a team to meet departmental goals and objectives. Is respectful and trustful of others. Decisions are guided by the organizational values and are made with honesty and respect.
    Effective, clear communication to promote excellent customer service and staff interactions.
    Stays informed through staff meetings.
    Utilizes support staff effectively and efficiently.
    Demonstrates flexibility to meet clinic and SRS Rehab Service needs.
    Assists co-workers with their tasks.
    Fosters an attitude of gratitude by sending thank-you notes to coworkers.
    Routinely rounds with coworkers within the clinic. Rounds with other clinic’s staff as circumstances require. Promotes a culture of mutual respect by accepting interpersonal differences and respecting others’ values and opinions.
    Demonstrates appreciation for the work of others by offering praise and noting a job well done to others.
    Participates in the problem solving process. Monitors supply levels and reports needs according to department guidelines.
  • Customer service
    Demonstrates courteous, professional behavior and communication through both written and verbal interactions with all patients, and internal and external customers.

    Uses AIDET to create meaningful and memorable connections when interacting with others. Does so in a manner to increase trust and confidence in our patients and guests while decreasing their stress and anxiety.
    Uses the Must Haves with every guest, every time:
    1. Greets people with a smile and “Hello,” using their name when possible.
    1. Takes people where they are going, rather than pointing or giving directions.
    1. Uses key words at key times such as “Is there anything else I can do for you? I have the time.”
    1. Fosters an attitude of gratitude by sending thank-you notes to patients.
    1. Rounds with reason to better connect with patients, their family and other customers.

    Responds to patient and co-worker needs and concerns as appropriate.
    Initiates service recovery in a positive and compassionate manner by acknowledging the problem, apologizing, tracking the situation, and then presenting it to the PT Supervisor or supporting clinical specialist (PT II or PT III) for resolution in a timely manner.
    Consults and listens, effectively communicates, cooperates and collaborates with the patient to achieve the best possible results.
    Demonstrates the Sharp Experience Fundamentals of Service and Standards of Behavior.
    Maintains confidentiality according to the department policy.
    Promotes a positive atmosphere for patient care.
    Communicates with the patient in the treatment area explaining treatment procedures, common reaction and anticipated outcomes.
    Courtesy and customer service will be measured by PT Spec III or Supervisor observation, physician and peer feedback, SharpStar nominations and written or verbal forms of recognition.
  • Documentation
    Documentation is legible, concise, accurate, timely and follows all SHC policy and procedures for confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines. Documentation meets all third-payer (Medicare, PPO, Work Comp and HMO) and regulatory requirements.
    Completes notes and TouchWorks billing to meet billing requirements daily.
    Completed discharge summaries within two months of discharge.
    Follows policies and procedures for all Utilization Management (UM), discharges, Standardized Outcome Measures, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) forms and patient status reports.
    Anticipates and completes documentation needs (i.e. UM, POCs, patient status reports) prior to their due date.
    Participates in chart review, implements suggestions for improvement, and initiates peer review process as needed.
    Completes all tasks prior to their due date.
  • Financial responsibilities

    Consistently and proactively approaches each day with a commitment to timeliness, organization, and communication to help ensure the financial success of the clinic and organization as a whole.

    Treats 13 patients per day in an eight-hour day (orthopedic).
    Treats 10.4 patients per day in an eight-hour day (neurological).
    Develops treatment programs to ensure effective and efficient recovery. This includes consistently consulting with other PTs or providers when a patient is demonstrating slow or no progress after 3 treatment sessions.
    Meets all regulatory requirements for payment (ex: Pre-authorization, POCs, UM, etc.). Follows POC form for PT coverage (ex. Max PT visits/year, eligibility for group class, etc.).
    Utilizes strategies to ensure patient access to timely care, and patient engagement in their recovery process.
    * Demonstrates sensitivity to obstacles to care such as a patient’s work or home schedule, financial status for copayments or deductibles and utilizes “patient contracting” accordingly to ensure optimal outcomes.
    * Demonstrates awareness of the daily and weekly schedule to help PSR’s identify openings in the schedule, accommodate special scheduling needs.
    * Demonstrates efficiency of schedule by:
    * Ensuring all criteria has been met prior to a patient being scheduled (i.e. Work comp visits have been authorized, PPO/MED Plan of Care has been completed and signed, UM has approved visits as needed).
    * Consistently following CA state law practices for breaks and meals.
    * Consistently working hours as scheduled (i.e. no unauthorized/unjustified OT).
    * Demonstrates appropriate use of support staff for optimal efficiency and effectiveness of treatment. Readily adapts treatment sessions when support staff is decreased due to illness or vacation.

    Demonstrates flexibility of schedule to meet patient and clinic needs (ex: Accommodating patients during the day, willingness to work different shifts/hours).
    Meets and exceeds department goals i.e. department productivity, CUOS, patient visits and FTE’s.
  • Patient care
    Efficiently and effectively evaluates patient conditions, and designs and implements appropriate treatment plans. Demonstrates safety and proficiency in the use of all equipment and modalities. Utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach for optimal outcomes.
    Consistently monitors patients’ progress, and progresses programs accordingly.
    Develops and leads group exercise, and/or wellness classes.
    Gives clear directions with exercises.
    Identifies substitutions with exercises and corrects accordingly.
    Proficient with all clinic modalities and troubleshooting.
    Takes initiative in identifying and completing tasks to ensure continuity of care (ex. Handoff to PT Aide, Rehab Communication/Pt.
    Status Reports to medical providers).
    Offers information and education to patients, visitors, ancillary departments, staff, etc. including dress, parking, necessary forms, paperwork, transportation, and departmental specialty.
  • Professional development
    Identifies own need for development in the areas of patient evaluation, design and implementation and progression of treatment programs, manual skills, and department operations. Demonstrates initiative in seeking mentorship, and informal and formal consultation. Consistently attends, actively and positively participates in in-services, staff meetings, and programs related to job responsibilities.

    * In-services
    * Unit ln-services
    * System wide Rehabilitation Learning Opportunities
    * Learning experiences approved by PT Supervisor (i.e. surgeries, self -study, research)
    * Practice sessions with clinical specialists
    * Wellness programs or classes developed by clinical specialists

    * Mentorship (with a clinical specialist)
    * Consultations (with peers, clinical specialists, and physicians) =
    * An informal consultation is verbal communication regarding the care of the patient.
    * A formal consultation is the examination of the patient by a peer or provider. The examination and recommendations are documented in the patient’s chart.
    * Consistently provides feedback whether recommendations of consult were successful or not.
    * Co-treatments
  • Quality
    Demonstrates an overall commitment to the process of pursuing excellence in every individual and clinical aspect of care we provide. Demonstrates a commitment to learning and utilizing the behavior and skills needed to pursue the goal of zero defects and zero harm.

    Monitors measurements of the service we provide (i.e. Press Ganey survey, patient access, productivity, standardized outcome measures, etc.).
    Utilizes Six Sigma tools (ex: A3 document) to examine our processes to identify root causes of obstacles to providing very good care.
    Overcomes obstacles by innovatively finding solutions that are personal, effective, efficient and accessible.
    Develops or integrates, and promotes “best practices” in all we do (i.e. documentation, written and verbal communication, billing, consultations, etc.).
    Implements the HRO behaviors and skills within the following categories:
    * Pay Attention to Detail
    * Communicate Clearly
    * Use Critical Thinking
    * Speak Up for Safety and Reliability
    * Learn and Improve as a Team
  • Training and education
    Identifies clinical, departmental, and community needs for theoretical, specialization skills (i.e. neurological, manual, pediatric; operational; wellness), or operational training. Demonstrates initiative in developing projects/programs/action plans, providing mentorship, providing informal and formal consultations that contribute to: 1. The professional development and education of staff members, other professionals, students, and the general public, and 2. An effective, efficient, enjoyable, and safe work environment.

    * Administrative, clinical, or wellness programs approved by manager (i.e. core class, aquatic program)

    * In-services
    * Unit In-services
    * Article Reviews

    Mentors / Consults
    * As a Clinical Instructor
    * As a Clinical Mentor to PT Support Staff

    * On or with committees or task forces

Sharp HealthCare is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability or any other protected class

AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professional (AHA BLS Healthcare) - American Heart Association; California Licensed Physical Therapist (PT) - CA Physical Therapy Board
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