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Nuclear Med/PET/CT Technologist - Sharp Memorial Hospital - Variable Shift - FT

Job ID JR149805 Date Posted 05/03/2024
San Diego, California
  • Sharp Memorial Hospital
  • Variable
  • Regular
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Shift Start Time:


Shift End Time:


AWS Hours Requirement:

8/40 - 8 Hour Shift

Additional Shift Information:

Weekend Requirements:

As Needed

On-Call Required:


Hourly Pay Range (Minimum - Midpoint - Maximum):

$50.611 - $65.305 - $79.999

The stated pay scale reflects the range that Sharp reasonably expects to pay for this position.  The actual pay rate and pay grade for this position will be dependent on a variety of factors, including an applicant’s years of experience, unique skills and abilities, education, alignment with similar internal candidates, marketplace factors, other requirements for the position, and employer business practices.

What You Will Do
The Nuclear Medicine (NM) and Dual Mode Single-photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT) and Dual Mode Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Technologist is responsible for performing routine to complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures under the direction/supervision of the Radiation Safety Officer and Physician Authorized Users. Assist physicians with performing and viewing of NM and PET/CT procedures by preparing and positioning patients for scanning, prepares and administers radiopharmaceuticals, and operates nuclear medicine instruments, nuclear medicine imaging equipment to include SPECT, SPECT/CT and PET/CT imaging equipment. Is responsible for using radiation safety practices and performing the required quality control procedures on all nuclear medicine equipment. Procedures performed include preparation, administration, documentation and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals with strict adherence to the principles of radiation safety, the conditions of the Radioactive Materials License and all California State and Federal regulatory requirements. Assist staff with providing care to patients who have been administered radiopharmaceuticals and the safe and appropriate disposal of radioactive waste.

Required Qualifications

  • Satisfactory completion of formal training program in an AMA approved school for Nuclear Medicine technology that meets the requirements for the State of California and/or Federal mandated certification or equivalent.
  • California Nuclear Medicine Technologist (NMT) - Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board -REQUIRED
  • AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professional (AHA BLS Healthcare) - American Heart Association -REQUIRED
  • Certified Nuclear Medicine Technology (N)(ARRT) - ARRT OR NMTCB Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist (CNMT) - Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board -REQUIRED
  • Certified Computed Tomography (CT)(ARRT) - ARRT OR Certified Computed Tomography Technology NMTCB(CT) - Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board -REQUIRED

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2 Years Experience in radiology.

Other Qualification Requirements

  • Certified Computed Tomography (CT)(ARRT) or Certified Computed Tomography Technology NMTCB(CT) is required within 90 days of hire date.

Essential Functions

  • Customer Service
    Provide patients, families and colleagues with excellent customer service skills.
    Practice the use of AIDET (acknowledge, introduce, duration, explanation and thank patient) with each encounter with a patient.
    Provide service recovery in the event that the patient or family's expectations have not been met.
  • Documentation
    Accurately and timely completes required documentation in the RIS (Radiology Information System).
    * Complete screening documents and scan documentation into RIS or PACS.
    * Document pregnancy status, radiation dose and other clinical indications as appropriate.
    * Document and bill for supplies and/or contrast as appropriate.
    * Enter correct billing codes and modifiers as appropriate.
    Demonstrate competency in utilization of computer applications including RIS, PACS, voice recognition, teleradiology, and their downtime procedures as necessary.
    Communicate equipment, employee, supply, adverse incidents, and Workers' Compensation issues to Lead/Supervisor in an appropriate period.
  • Patient Education
    Provides information and education of the procedure to the patient and family.
    Provide the patient with instruction and reassurance during the procedure.
    * Screen and document patient's pregnancy status and radiation protection efforts.
    * Describe effects of contrast administration.
    * Provide pre and post procedure education.
    Provide patient, families and staff with education and training regarding radiation safety and waste precautions based upon the procedure and radiopharmaceutical administered.
    Interacts and communicates in a manner to reflect an understanding of the patient's age, culture, state of health, level of comprehension.
    Provide the use of a chaperone as may be requested or appropriate for patient's needs, culture and sensitivity of exam.
    Communicates and interacts with the patient's family in a way that is perceived positive and supportive while maintaining patient confidentiality.
  • Quality of Care
    QUALITY OF CARE - MANAGING PATIENT HEALTH INFORMATION - Demonstrates commitment to providing safe, efficient quality care.
    Consistently follows patient verification procedure.
    * Use of two patient identifiers.
    * Verification of order (electronically or written prescription).
    * Accurately associate the patient to their images and ordered procedure.
    Review the reason for the procedure and appropriateness of exam.
    * Escalate inconsistencies and/or discrepancies with ordering clinician.
    * Document when orders are changed and/or modified based upon commination with ordering practitioner.
    Ensure employee/patient confidentiality is protected and restricted to private area(s) and appropriate person(s).
    Consistently participates and document the Universal Protocol (patient verification, side/site marking and time-out) as appropriate.
    Assists Radiologist with procedure(s) and exam preparation demonstrating competency with sterile technique, hand hygiene and infection prevention.
    Provide care to patients as needed based upon their nurse's assessment of their condition.
    * Participate in hand-off communication when accepting and delegating responsibility to a different provider or level of care.
    * Communicate and escalate changes in the patient condition to the appropriate level.
    * Initiate life savings measures as appropriate.
    * Use closed loop communication to be assured that your communication is understood and/or you understand.
    Follow safe patient mobilization procedures, moving and lifting procedures.
    * Verify patient's mobility assessment to determine needed lift equipment.
    * Safety select and operate the appropriate mobilization equipment based upon the patient's mobility assessment.
    * Assure patient safety utilizing straps or side rails while positioned on procedure tables.
    * Refrain from rushing and wait for assistance when additional support is appropriate.
    Use special needs resources (translation, phone services) to accurately communicate with patients and their families that speak another language or have hearing/speech disorders.
    Navigate patient's electronic medical record for history, pre and post procedure communication, code status, Advanced Directive and clinician order prior to exam.
  • Quality of Exams
    QUALITY IMAGING PROCEDURES - Perform high quality NM and Dual Mode SPECT and PET procedures and patient care in compliance with department policies, procedures and guidelines.
    Perform all NM, SPECT CT and PET CT procedures and safety operate equipment associated with the procedures.
    Understand NM and CT protocols, parameter selection criteria and how to optimize scan parameters based upon the patient and/or procedure.
    * Demonstrate knowledge of patient centering, scouting and gantry isocenter for optimal imaging and radiation dose.
    * Understand Axial and Helical scanning.
    * When deviating from pre-programed protocols understand and determine how scans range, pitch, noise index, phantom, mAs, Kv, detectors and field of view changes affect the image quality and radiation dose.
    * Use appropriate protocol based upon patients age, size and body habitus using Image Wisely/Image Gently Training.
    * Acquire and transmit the appropriate number of series and post processing reformate images determined by the type of protocol and procedure.
    * Include the appropriate number of series and post processing reformat images determined by procedure type.
    * Remove obstructive clothing, jewelry, implanted devices per Imaging Department Policy and procedure.
    * Secure valuables and implanted devices for safekeeping.
    Understand and document radiation dose parameters and how changes in the protocols affection radiation dose delivered.
    * Review estimated/projected CTDI and DLP prior to scanning the patient to determine if values meet established guidelines.
    * Compare scanning parameters against the pre-programmed parameters to ensure nothing has been inadvertently changed/altered.
    * Document radiation doses that exceed Notification Values (NV).
    * Immediately report any radiation doses that are deemed reportable as determine in department policy and procedure.
    Accurately and timely transfer images from modality to PACS and/or appropriate network destinations.
    * Accurately select correct patient/procedures from the modality worklist.
    * Accurately identify and annotate images and series.
    * Confirm images are available in PACS for Radiologist/Clinician viewing.
  • Radiation Safety
    RADIATION SAFETY AND REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS - Follow all radiation safety, State and Federal regulatory requirements and conditions of the Radioactive Material License (RAML).
    Adhere to all regulatory requirements for the safe practice of NM stated in the RAML and California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 17, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 10 section 20 and 10 CFR 35.
    Use radioactive isotopes in accordance with policy and procedure, protocol within scope of practice.
    * Confirm the order, delivery, storage and decay of isotopes under the direct supervision of an Authorized User identified on the RAML.
    * Record use and disposition of radioactive material in Nuclear Medicine Information System (NMIS) permanent record.
    * Apply radioactive decay calculations to determine the required value or activity necessary in accordance to the activity prescribed by the Authorized User.
    * Appropriately label isotope for administration.
    * Verify the prescribed activity prior to administration of the dose.
    * Document in the patient's electronic medical record waste precautions.
    * For isotopes requiring blood withdrawal and re-injection, follow established procedures with labeling and verification prior to re-injection.
    * For therapeutic procedures, verify and confirm the written directive.
    Understand and practice excellent radiation safety and ALARA principles.
    * Screen patients prior to radiation exposure including contra-indications associated with pregnancy status, radiation shielding and/or protection.
    * Provide documentation of screening compliance with pregnancy status and radiation dose parameters.
    * Wear personal and ring dosimeters and lab coats at all times while in radiation areas.
    * Complete daily surveys to ensure that the environment is free from possible radioactive spills and/or contamination.
    * Participate in entity and system-wide Radiation Safety Committees.
    Perform equipment testing, calibration, maintenance and infection prevention per manufacturer's guidelines and department policies and procedures.
    * Perform and document daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual quality control (QC) as required.
    * Perform normal start up, shut down procedures, daily system calibrations and tube worm-up as required.
    * Knowledge of emergency patient removal from gantry and locations of all emergency stops and shutdowns.
    * Perform and document equipment calibration, testing and quality control as required.
    * Follow equipment disinfection procedures between each patient use.
    * Initiate and document equipment repair/maintenance as required.
    Provide for the security and monitoring of radioactive material, waste and decaying procedures.
  • Staff Training and Professional Development
    Assists in the training and orientation of new employees, cross training of existing employees and student technologists. Assist with completing new employee orientation and training checklists.
    Provides feedback of student's progress to Clinical Instructor through competencies and evaluations.

Sharp HealthCare is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability or any other protected class.


Other; NMTCB Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist (CNMT) - Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board; Certified Nuclear Medicine Technology (N)(ARRT) - ARRT; Certified Computed Tomography Technology NMTCB(CT) - Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board; AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professional (AHA BLS Healthcare) - American Heart Association; California Nuclear Medicine Technologist (NMT) - Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board; Certified Computed Tomography (CT)(ARRT) - ARRT
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