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Be Aware of Fraudulent Job Offers

At Sharp, we take your safety and security seriously. While we encourage you to explore our career opportunities, we also warn you to be wary of fraudulent scams aimed at job seekers.

Here are some things to watch for so that you don’t become a victim:

  • Emails sent from any account not ending in “”
    Talent Acquisition Team will never correspond with you from a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! email account, and will only use a email address.
  • Any request for payment as part of the hiring process.
    We will never ask you for money, for a fee of any kind or for you to purchase equipment for a home office.
  • Payment sent to you prior to employment.
    We will never send you a check and ask you to deposit it before you are officially employed. We will only provide you a paycheck once you are a Sharp employee and have put in work hours.
  • Any type of online interview.
    All our interviews are conducted either over the phone, virtually through Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or in person at a Sharp location. We never conduct interviews via Google Hangouts or any other online chat room.

If you feel you are experiencing a scam or are wary of any communication you receive, do not send any money or provide any personal information.

Please reach out to us at if you feel any communication or job opportunity may not be legitimate. We’re here to help.

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